A Life Lived is established to remind and encourage everyone to Nurture the relationships we have in our lives. đŸ„°

People are made for relationships. We relate with people every single day of our lives, but that doesn’t make us an expert in dealing with them. We need guidance from the Lord on how to handle relationships.

Nenen Positos, the writer of this blog is also a work in progress but is convicted to share her experiences and insights on what God has been teaching her when it comes to the relationship with the Lord, relationships with family, friends, workmates, colleagues and etc.

Join Nenen in her journey to learn more about God and how to better serve other people.

Happy reading and God bless! đŸ€©


Nenen Positos currently works as a Freelancer and owns a small Healthy Shack in Iligan City.

She volunteers as the Live Production coordinator and as a prompter in CCF Iligan’s Exalt team.

She leads a DGROUP of beautiful ladies in CCF Iligan and she also does Skypleship to disciple other Godly ladies who are in Japan, and other places in the Philippines.

She would love to hear from you and pray for you!

Reach out through Instagram, Facebook and email, please check the details below.